Indrachandra Campus

Prakash Dahal

Campus Chief

Dear students,

Congratulations on your success in the +2 [SLC] and graduation! We are here to offer you the holistic education in BBS and in MBS. We seek to implant a passion for learning in our students by infusing ethics and values, combined with knowledge and understanding for the positive contribution to the society and human kind. We promote high academic standards and expect discipline, decency, and devotion from our students too. We believe in constructive and constant participation from our guardians too to accomplish our mission.

The teaching and learning facilitations at Devi Campus comprises highly qualified, well experienced, and hard working educators who work ceaselessly to shape the future of students. We conduct regular and periodic Exams and Assessments to impart competitive skills to the students. We value the individual differences of students and treat them accordingly.

We are proud to declare the academic, physical, and social achievements made in the history of half-decade. The fame and popularity has made us excited and added the responsibility to contribute more and more. We hope you will company us in our academic journey.

Thank you